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CaveExplorer and CaveSniper have been developed by Megaplot. S.J. - a world leading manufacturer of computer controlled hot wire foam cutters sinve 1995. The CaveSniper project has been initiated and developed by one of MegaPlot owners – Mr Jacek Wojcicki.

The project has been consulted with Polish speleologists: Marek Koziol and Mariusz Polok. CaveSniper has been tested since 2006. On site tests in real cave environment have been carried out by the members of the Aven Cave Club in Sosnowiec. The system has been successfully tested on the Easter Island, in Mexican caves as well as during a few expeditions to Albania.

Address :

Megaplot S. J.

Chemiczna 12

41-205 Sosnowiec



Geographical location/GPS:
N 50° 17’ 48.14”
E 19° 08’ 31.96”

Phone +48 32 2919341

Fax +48 32 2910872


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